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Update 9-11-09

Dear Friends,

I'm up, waiting for the process that will lead to Dan's final major surgery. He is getting a live tissue graft to his left hand. It is a state of the art 6 hour operation which will join veins and arteries. It is either successful or not - no halfway success - and will be monitored for 3 days in the ICU and then back to Ward 57. Excellent, careful, experienced surgeon. We are very hopeful.

Daniel has made great progress this week. He is visited by Physical Therapy (below the waist) and occupational therapy (hands, etc) daily. The wires are off his jaw, although they replaced the wires with rubber bands, like braces. He can talk better and eat food like mashed potatoes. No more straws! That's a big deal.

Bob will be coming in late Saturday night and I will be home for a full week at work.

We thank you all so much for the emails and cards. Daniel gets so much mail every day that all the doctors and nurses want to know: Where is Peachtreee City? We get a chance to talk about our town. Love, Susan

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