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Lt Dan Berschinski
PO Box 4180
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Washington DC 20307


Washington Post Article

Dan was featured on the front page of today's Washington Post in a story highlighting the increasing rate of casualties occurring in Afghanistan.  Here's a picture of the front page:

The full story can be read here: U.S. Combat Injuries Rise Sharply, and I also suggest people take a look at this accompanying graphic.  A note on Dan's injuries:  the article is incorrect in stating that Dan lost his right hip; the amputation of Dan's right leg occurred at the hip socket in what is referred to medically as a hip disarticulation.  The hip itself remains.

Lastly, the hardcopy version of the article also contained these two additional pictures:



  1. I am a friend of Annie DB, and she told me about Daniel. I have 7 kids over here today and I told them Daniel's story. They range from 4 to 11. This normally rowdy group got very still and quiet as the story progressed and are now making some cards to send this great American. We are so thankful for his service to his country and us and we want Daniel to know we think he's a hero and we are praying for him. In Christ, Fatima

  2. Hi Daniel :) I am glad you made it back and sad that you had to experience this at all.

    Keep telling yourself that you can not get into a canoe on the river if you are in a wheelchair. Think of that Georgia red clay LOL And keep the faith, no matter what, keep the belief alive that you can and will walk again!!! It will not be easy but can be done!!! And the hardest thing.... Asking for help. :p

    Praying for you and all the soldiers in harms way. Sandra aka Sybdragon