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Thanks to all who came out for Chick-fil-A night!

This blog's crack staff of reporters tell me that last night's "Support our Troops" fundraiser at Chick-fil-A was a smashing success.  Many thanks go out to the staff at Starr's Mill Chick-fil-A for hosting the event, Rainy Chastine and Ric O'Brian for (once again) making the arrangements, and Dan's "other mothers" for all their logistical support. 

I heard that the hyperlinks from one of my last posts threw off some of my technologically challenged readers (you know who you are), so I'm warning you now that I'm trying something new with this one.  I've got a lot of pictures and want to post them all, but in order to conserve space I'm going to post them after the break.  Mom, that means you have to click on the words below that say "Read More" to see the pictures.  Then, after you're done viewing the pictures, you have to click the "back" button on your browser to go back to the blog's main page.  You can do this!



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