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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A few news stories to pass along:

First, our wonderful family friend Rainy Chastine has worked tirelessly on behalf of Dan since the time of his injury -- organizing fundraisers, corralling volunteers, and starting this very blog.  In this story in Monday's Atlanta Journal Constitution, she received some well-deserved recognition as an "Atlanta Holiday Hero" for her efforts.

On the grimmer side, Dan's battalion and brigade continue to receive national-level press for the casualties they took over the summer and fall.  Articles appeared this week in both USA Today and the New York Times, with the latter noting that 1-17 now holds the dubious honor of having the most men killed in action of any battalion in Afghanistan since the initial U.S. invasion of 2001.

Finally, respected Army Times reporter Sean Naylor published this staggering article today on the state of affairs within Dan's brigade:  Stryker Soldiers Say Commanders Failed Them.  The article speaks for itself, but accurately reflects what Dan's soldiers have been telling him privately in the months since he was medevac'ed out of the Arghandab River Valley.     

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