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Wiis for Warriors

Several of you have asked me about donations you can make to support Dan and other wounded warriors.  I highly recommend the Fisher House and its subsidiary Operation Hero Miles, both of which have been hugely helpful to my family and others in similar circumstances.

If you're interested in making an off-the-beaten-track donation, however, please also check out this great project.  Wii's for Warriors is the brainchild of Air Force Staff Sergeant Dave Flowers, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician recently wounded by a landmine in Afghanistan.  For those of you unfamiliar with EOD teams, these are the guys that go out looking to find and eliminate IEDs before they have the chance to kill other service members.  They're true heroes, and probably some of the gutsiest guys on the battlefield.

After losing one leg below the knee and while fighting to save another at Walter Reed, SSgt. Flowers was urged by his physical therapist to use Nintendo's Wii Fit program as part of his rehab regimen.  He got such good results from using the Wii that he and his wife have started their own charity to give them out free to other amputees, including Dan.  Here's a picture of the two of them from earlier today as Dave handed out a Wii to Dan:

For those of you interested, you can make a donation to Wii's for Warriors and get in contact with SSgt. Flowers directly from the project's website.    

In totally unrelated news, a few really great folks have come to visit Walter Reed in recent days to meet with many of the wounded troops.  Here are a couple of pictures with guys who define cool -- Jon Stewart and Bruce Springsteen. 

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