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Lt Dan Berschinski
PO Box 4180
6900 Georgia Ave NW
Washington DC 20307


Dan Interviewed on CNN - 9.3.10


  1. Dan, Caryle and I continue to be amazed and inspired at your determination and courage. We continue daily to keep you in our prayers. I continue to look forward to the day when you, Rob and I go out and do a run together. God bless. Roy and Caryle

  2. I'm a West Point grad mom 2008 and am just now hearing about your story. How, I do not know? But am so thankful I did hear and came to this site. I have tears in my eyes as I heard you say, "You have no regrets!" Thank you for your service, and for your attitude. I know you must be a STRONG man...and I know that God is giving you that strength. I pray that He continue to do so daily as you continue to recover. Blessings,
    Dalese Stockwell