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Lt Dan Berschinski
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Update on Dan, 9-7-09

The surgeries are slowing down in pace. It has been a roller coaster of surgery, recovery, surgery, recovery. Today was a fairly simple one on his left hand. There will be a skin graft there down the road, but the hand will be functional.

Slowing progress down and tiring Dan considerably have been fairly continuous spikes in his temperature. They interrupt his nights and take time during the days. His blood work all comes back within normal range and the doctors are really scratching their heads, but we have a routine now of Tylenol and ice packs.

Dan has just now started slowly sifting through his emails on his phone. It has taken all his concentration just to deal with his injuries and medical procedures. He intends to read everything but it will really take some time. In terms of visits, he wants to be able to talk and sit up a little bit before he actually has visitors. But that time is coming.

People are really working to help Dan return to full mobility, and in honor of that, Ric O'Brian along with SouthCrest Bank and Images by Rainy have organized a motorcycle ride for Saturday, October 10. There is a website at www.ridefordaniel.com for more information. That's it for now. Love, Susan


  1. Although I don't know Dan personally, I want him and his family to know how much I truly appreciate his service to our country and his sacrifice. It is through the efforts of brave heroes like Dan that America remains strong and free and I will always be grateful to him.

    Teri Wilde
    Soldiers' Angels

  2. Just letting you know we're thinkig of Dan.
    I am also an Eagle Scout who was a 1LT with 3rdID laying Ward 57 for a while in '03 and '05. I only lost my right leg but had Acenetobactor infections and fevers over 100 for several weeks. I had 20 operations before I was done. He'll probably beat me before its over. Just want him to know we'll be here for him and both of you. If you've not already met them some of my good friends with the Wounded Warrior Project, RJ Meade or Jim Mayer, will probably stop by to chat. Whatever Dan decides to do from here on we will be here to support him. I know the support network at WRAMC is great but if you or Dan ever have unanswered questions. I might be able to help. (904) 673-7975 jpruden@woundedwarriorproject.org
    Take Care,
    Jonathan Pruden