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Lt Dan Berschinski
PO Box 4180
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Washington DC 20307



Dear Friends,

First, let me tell you, Dan has written a short message on Facebook. That is a way you can communicate directly with him. I don't know if he can respond to each of you - he is typing with one hand and has doctors lined up at his door, but that said, he's there for you.
Medically, it's all good. The ENT doctors said he may not have to go the whole 6 weeks with his jaw wired. When that comes off he will be able to talk. The cell phones are useless. He has a bedside landline and the Red Cross has given us cards to use to be able to call out.
He begins physical therapy in his bed today. That will be wonderful.
His left arm is doing well and he may be able to get away without a skin graft.
One leg has been closed, the other one awaits surgery Thursday. His recovery from surgery Monday was 10 times faster and easier than before.
The doctors are discussing having him in a wheelchair by the end of the week so he can be upright and mobile a portion of the day.
Bob and Robbie are only spending the night the night after surgery with him. The night nurses are fantastic and respond immediately when he needs them.

Several of you have written and asked if the Tyrone Southcrest Bank account is legitimate. That is a good question and you are right to be cautious. It is. It was set up with our permission by our friend Annie DeRose-Broekert while Bob and I were both out of town. She asked to do it as we were leaving. Annie has personal ties with the bank, thus the choice of location. Bob, Dan and I are the only ones with our names on the account. Any funds raised will be used for Dan's recovery and return to an independent life. Right now I'm thinking that contributions could be used to help purchase a hand-controlled car when he is able to drive.
Whether a dollar is ever raised in Dan's name will not have a bearing on his inevitable recovery, but many people have asked if they can make a donation and it is much better to have a central location for this rather than checks coming through the mail to us, to Robbie, to Walter Reed. It just made sense to me. Hope this makes sense to you. Love, Susan


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  2. Daniel,

    You may not remember me but I was a friend of your brother's from a while back. I am truly humbled by the sacrifice you have given for my family and our country. First and foremost, that sacrifice needs to be recognized. Thank you.

    I appreciate how "weak and fruitless any words of mine" may be during this period of tribulation in your life. However, I hope you find some comfort in the the fact that many Americans, familar to you and otherwise, are indebted eternally to your sacrifice.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Yours sincerely and respectfully,
    J. Matt McKillop

  3. Daniel, Robbie, Susan, and Bob-
    I have thought of you all often and every day. Getting to spend time with you guys immediately after that day put me in awe...watching you take such a tragedy and address it with the "we will overcome this together" attitude that you are so good at. You are such an incredible family- I know your strength in each other will get you through these difficult times to the day when Daniel can come home.

    Daniel- My family and I are so appreciative that there are soldiers like you- willing to be doing the actual work on the ground. Your incredible bravery and sacrifice is not unappreciated nor unnoticed. Ray is all the more anxious now to go support the ground troops over there! We are thinking of you, appreciating you, and looking forward to the day you can come home...

    Corby Naylor and family

  4. I would love to assist you with an adaptive vehicle...please contact me if you are interested at Jentrac@aol.com. I pray for your recovery and thank you for your service.