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Aeromedical Video

A couple of months ago I posted on the aeromedical helicopter evacuation team that took Dan out of the Arghandab and brought him to Kandahar Air Field immediately after he was wounded.  Dan spent five days at KAF--much longer than average--before being flown back to Germany and then to Walter Reed because his condition was deemed too critical to fly.  Once he stabilized enough to make the journey, he flew home in a C-17 attended by a team of medical professionals like the ones from Travis AFB, CA profiled in this video.

To its credit, the Army did a great job of keeping my parents informed of Dan's condition and whereabouts during this terrible week.   Once we heard he had been cleared to fly out of Afghanistan, the Army called to assure my parents that he would be attended full-time during the flight by a 3-person team (you'll see this referenced in the video).  Hearing this really put us at ease.  Only weeks later were we told that these teams are only assigned to patients likely to die in-flight.

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