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Ski Trip

You may have noticed that, due to budgetary pressures, the Washington bureau has had to scale back the pace of its operations as of late (danberschinski.blogspot.com, like so many of its peer organizations, has had difficulty surmounting challenges related to the 24-hour news cycle, to say the least!).  Luckily, the Denver bureau has picked up the slack.

Dan and several of his Wounded Warrior buddies are in Colorado this week for a ski trip hosted by the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team

On his way out of town, Dan was greeted at Washington Reagan National Airport here in D.C. by the intrepid men and women of the Transportation Safety Administration, who noticed that Dan simply could not get through the metal detector without setting off alarms, despite having no shoes to remove. 


Upon arrival in Colorado, the Wounded Warriors were greeted by local 5th graders singing the national anthem, who then "interviewed" the soldiers.  In the words of my reporter on the scene, it was "so cute!!"


To Dan's left in the picture above, by the way, is the world famous LTC Greg Gadson

On a completely different subject, I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the details of Dan's trip home to Fayette County, and I promise I'll post those details soon.

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